Our role is to mentor Boston-based artists and reach diverse audiences.
We want to challenge opinions and push artistic boundaries through socially relevant theatre.

Statement of Solidarity with Black Lives Matter – June 2020

TC Squared Theatre (TC2) was founded to support diversity and create equity across all ethnicities, genders and sexual preferences within the theater community. We are horrified by the police brutality that has taken the lives of so many Black people, most recently George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and too many others.

As a company, we condemn systemic racism. We condemn the unjustified, violent response of police across the country to protestors who are speaking out for change. We commit to listening to what the Black community needs and amplifying that message to our audiences. We commit to creating space for our community to act and figure out the way forward. We encourage you to donate to one of the many bail funds, mutual aid funds, and BIPOC-led nonprofits dedicated to social justice. There are many lists floating around, one of which can be found here.

TC2 was founded eleven years ago by alumni of the Boston Arts Academy, and continues now to serve them, as well as artists from the greater Boston area, and, now that we are able to present our new work on Zoom, from further afield. Rather than repeat the sentiment spoken by so many, we would like to boost the words of Dr. Lee Pelton, President of Emerson College, and Chairman of the Board of the Boston Arts Academy Foundation.

We encourage you to read his full statement if you have not already done so, but in particular, we are focused on his core call to action: “This is not a black problem, but a structural issue built on white supremacy and centuries of racism. It’s your problem. And until you understand that, we are doomed to relive this week’s tragic events over and over again. What changes will you make in your own life? Begin with answering that question and maybe, just maybe we will get somewhere.

The most important question is: What are you going to do?”

TC Squared has been remiss in not having these conversations sooner, and we apologize for that. The reflection we have done internally thus far is only the first step. That being said, we are committing to the following immediate action steps:

  • Suspending our planned programming for the week of June 1 to give our artists time to take care of themselves, as well as make more space on the digital stage for BIPOC voices.
  • Using our existing social media channels and audience to boost messages and distribute information on how to help the Black Lives Matter movement, including donation links and calls to action.
  • Holding space during our usual PlayLab time on Saturday, June 6th from 10am-1pm for TC2 playwrights to check in, reflect, and create together. We are also inviting artists from our other ongoing projects and facilitating a discussion on resources and action steps.
  • Reaching out to our own personal, professional, and political networks and communities to call them to action and begin or continue the conversation around dismantling white supremacy and fighting for social justice.

We are committed to our mission, to furthering social justice, and to continuing to examine our own operations and our own identity as an anti-racist company. We are listening, and welcome any feedback or suggestions you may have. Please stay in touch, and stay safe.

Black Lives Matter. End police brutality.

TC Squared Theatre Company

Due to the current COVID-19 novel coronavirus pandemic, all in-person TC Squared events have been canceled, including our Art Salons and the New Play Festival.

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